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back :D

2010-04-24 09:01:38 by bennyfitz123

Havnt been on newgrounds for while and now im back yay :P


2009-06-07 07:55:10 by bennyfitz123

LISTEN TO THIS!!!!! Its fucking sick as fuck!!!!!! /243276


2009-06-04 03:42:10 by bennyfitz123

I set my friends on fire are fucking awsome download their songs now :) trust me you will love em


2009-05-19 06:18:15 by bennyfitz123

This gay kid is a fucking annoying fuck.!!!!


2009-05-16 08:47:51 by bennyfitz123

I lovvve NG (Newground) Hahaha :P love it

Yay i can post

2009-05-11 23:20:53 by bennyfitz123

Yay not banned no more lol now back to the forums for me!!!!!!!!!!


2009-05-07 07:02:29 by bennyfitz123

Got banned from the BBS for 3 days what to do what to do?


2008-09-24 05:38:44 by bennyfitz123

hey guys just posting some nw news here if u have any thing to say to me either coment me orPM me dont be scared

1st flash submition

2007-12-18 02:38:13 by bennyfitz123

hi im ben (bennyfitz123) and i just submited my mates piece of well art so could u pleeze take it easy on me.

i addid it as a favor for him.